It’s a new beginning; A fresh start



Before the start of this module #MANG2049, we did a self-test to assess how we managed ourselves online. My current activities online have changed from that before this module started and looking back at each of the pointers, I feel that I have improved in certain areas. Before this module, I used to be more careless in what I would post online, and I didn’t really take into consideration that employers would actually look through our social media pages when they see us as potential candidates.



My planned online activities now have changed in the way that I have created a new twitter account for more professional/work purposes. Different from my personal account, this new twitter account only follows schoolmates, school-related accounts and work-related accounts. Also, I would not post tweet related to my daily activities, but more on what I would want my followers or future employers to see. This would help to ensure that I am able to better develop my online professional profile.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.16.19 am

Apart from a new twitter account, I also created a LinkedIn account. With relations to Topic 3, I realized that this would actually help in my networking and help me brand myself better. I created this accounted and presented it with up-to-date informations about my academics and following interesting topic such as Technology, Marketing and Social Media. Having read articles online has also helped me in how I should manage my LinkedIn account and how to make it better.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.30.06 am


Living and working on the web has taught me so many things, and it doesn’t end here! With technology constantly evolving, we have to adapt and change accordingly. It has taught me to participate in more online communities. This would allow me to gather different perspectives on various topics. At the same time, I would be mindful of what I would post online when sharing my opinions, as there are unwritten rules, or ethics that we should all abide by when we are online.

Topic 5 especially, was extremely insightful for me as it’s something that I would still be very much using throughout my time in university and even after that. It will be an element that I would embrace from now on. Topic 2 as well, was an eye opener with helping me to understand the importance of my online identity. It was due to topic 2 and 3, which I decided to set up my own LinkedIn accounts. I have read up articles on how to better manage this account. With the addition of this new network, I would be able to better connect with people whom I share interests with and I would able to gain more insights from what they would have to share regarding that topic.



Lastly, I would just to say again, that it doesn’t end here! Even though this module may be over, I hope to share my newfound knowledge through my tweets, peer posts and blog posts. I would love to be able to apply this knowledge into my working life and even though my professional online profile is still a work in progress, I definitely intend to make it the best that I can with all that I have learnt in this module.

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